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January:Prescription Diet Foods 20% off
February: Dental Cleaning 20% Off
March:Prescriptions(excluding heartworm, flea/tick) 20% Off
April:Senior Profile 20% Off
May:Spay/Neuter 50% Off
June:Heartworm/Flea/Tick 20% Off
July:Prescription Diet Foods 20% Off
August:Dental Cleaning 20% Off
September:Prescriptions(excluding heartworm, flea/tick) 20% Off
October:Senior Profile 20% Off
November:Spay/Neuter 50% Off
December:Heartworm/Flea/Tick 20% Off

homepage_wailukuKeep Your Pet Healthy With Our Preventative Medicine Program.

Preventive medicine for your dogs and cats include annual vaccinations, heartworm prevention and monthly flea and tick control. A good physical exam is the best preventive medicine for our patients. An exam can detect masses, heart murmurs, dental disease or skin problems that, with preventive care, can keep your family pet living longer.