3 Reasons Your Pet Needs an Annual Checkup From an Animal Care Center

Have you taken your pet in for an annual checkup at a local animal care center this year? If you think overlooking the visit is no big deal, think again. This comprehensive assessment will offer unparalleled insight into your pet’s overall health. Hawaii’s Wailuku Pet Clinic has been providing furry clientele with top-notch medical care for years. Below, their caring specialists outline the most important reasons for taking your pet in for an annual checkup.

3 Reasons to Take Your Pet to an Animal Care Center for an Annual Checkup


animal care centerOver the course of a year, your pet can acquire an internal parasite, which may or may not have obvious symptoms. An annual checkup will include a stool sample to determine whether or not your pet has one of these bugs. Some parasites can be passed along to humans, so have your veterinarian examine your pet’s stool every year.

Dental Health

Oral health is easy to overlook when it comes to pets. However, gum disease and tartar can point to heart health problems and other serious diseases. A veterinarian will check your pet’s oral health to ensure their gums are healthy, as well as determine if they need a dental cleaning.


The most important reason not to overlook your pet’s annual exam is disease prevention. Essentially, a veterinarian can spot an illness in its early stages, allowing you to take preventative measures against it. Whether your pet needs a diet change, prescription, or treatment, you will have the tools and knowledge to keep your pet healthy.

If you’re looking for a trusted pet hospital or animal care center, Wailuku Pet Clinic is on hand to assist. Whether you’re a returning client or brand-new, they will provide your furry family member with the best possible care. Call them today at (808) 244-7275 or visit the website for more information.

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