Did you know that dogs and cats age 7 times faster, on average, than people? They do and that is why significant health changes can occur in a very short time!

We believe each pet deserves individualized medical care, which require annual visits or routine office visits depending on your pet’s needs.

Our wellness appointments include a complete, hands-on physical examination from nose to tail. If we find any reason for concern or abnormalities during the exam, then we will discuss those with you and can recommend and perform additional diagnostics or a variety of treatment options.

We also screen for internal and external parasites to make sure your pet is being properly protected by their monthly preventative product.

Vaccinations are an easy and important part of keeping your pet safe, happy, and healthy. We will help set up a vaccination plan that is custom to your pet’s needs.

Other Wellness Services

    -Nail Trims
    -Ear cleaning
    -Suture removal
    -Senior Care
    -Domestic and International Health Certificate
    -In-house and Online Pharmacy
    -Weight and nutritional counseling